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My name is Wayne Chinnock -

I am a Cape Cod family portrait photographer and Cape Cod wedding photographer. And I go anywhere that amazing families, couples and events take me.

Life is a beautiful whirlwind.

We meet. We fall in love! We GET Married. We start a family.

And then it gets really hectic!

Slow down, capture and savor the moments.

Let's create art and albums for your home that show your commitment to each other, speak your family's truths, and tell the story of your children's magical personalities.

Let's work together to properly make some truly lasting images.

Cape Cod Family Photographer

You and your family are creating something so special together, not just on the big milestone days, but every single day. In the ordinary acts of parenting you are weaving your own rituals and tenderness around your little ones, giving their hearts a blueprint for love.

I want your Cape Cod family portraits to transform the magic of your family's favorite little moments into big memories, and give you the chance to savor the unscripted, authentic joy that you create together. Every day.

Before your Cape Cod family portrait session we'll meet face-to-face, or via video call, so you can tell me all about your family. When I have the privilege of learning a bit about the people who matter most to you, your Cape Cod family portraits can reflect the amazing facets of each person and their unique relationship with you. Your family portrait session will tell a story that is personal and intimate. And afterwards we will customize artwork for your home, so that these memories can connect and inspire your family. Every day.

Because your photographs deserve to live on your walls, not in your computer, we design exceptional albums and prints (and even handle installation), so that you can sit back and enjoy your legacy in the making.

Cape Cod Wedding Photographer

I believe that your Cape Cod wedding photography is not only about your "big day", but also about the amazing life story you are building together. A Wedding Photography story so grand you will hardly grasp its immensity until you're looking back at how far you've come. I am inspired by each Cape Cod Wedding couple I work with to create something personal and unique that will become part of your family's legacy. I want you to have Cape Cod Wedding photographs that will take you back 5, 10, 30 years from now to the love and dreams that began it all.

A few pages you may want to check out for Cape Cod Wedding Photography and New England Wedding Venues that I have truly enjoyed working at.

Chatham Bars Inn Wedding Photography

Popponesset Inn . New Seabury Wedding Photography

Cape Cod Museum of Art Wedding Photography

Daniel Webster Inn Wedding Photography

Wequassett Resort

Destination Wedding Photographer

I have photographed destination weddings all over the world, and would be honored to travel with you to your dream wedding destination and capture the full story of your one-of-a-kind wedding weekend. I create custom booking proposals for destination wedding photography and I would love to chat with you about how LoveDays can make your dream wedding photography happen.

Some wedding locations off Cape that I absolutely love traveling to.

Blithewold Mansion& Gardens Wedding Photography, Bristol, RI

Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding Photography, Stonington, CT

Belle Mer Waterfront Wedding Photography, Newport, RI

Proposals & Engagement Sessions

No matter how you choose to do it, your proposal is such an intensely thrilling and fleeting moment. So much love and adrenaline and hoping and dreaming have led you to this life-changing question, and yet it passes so quickly. I would love to give you a lasting view of that look on her face when she says "yes" and those glowing smiles you both wear for the rest of the day. I've had the honor of being the secret cameraman for some super-stealthy surprise proposals and I am ready to help you iron out the final details and shake off the last-minute jitters.

Engagement Photography sessions are so much fun! Why? Because we get to know each-other a bit more, we get to play around at some locations you guys love. And it helps you understand how fun this whole being photographed thing can actually be. It’s a blast and then you receive a Guest Signature Album at your wedding for all your friends and family members to personalize for you.

Cape Cod High School Senior Portrait Session

This is about so much more than a headshot for your yearbook. I will meet with you before your session and customize a high school senior portrait session that reflects the amazing person you have become. We'll plan a few locations, get to know you and your parents, and give you some tips on how to prepare for a super fun session. I want to show off your unique style and create photographs for your and your family that celebrate your achievements and your dreams!

Cape Cod Event Photography & Mitzvah Photography

I do a ton of event photography and if you want something unique, crisp, well-lit and fun, then please reach out to me with your date, hours and specific needs. I generally start with a minimum of 3 hours at 1000 + 300 per hour thereafter. I only do a few Mitzvah Photography sessions per year and can provide you detailed pricing upon request. Mitzvahs I price differently to include album incentives and a USB of all the photographs.

Non-Profit Photography

Non-profit organizations on the Cape and Islands, and South Shore receive a 30% discount on event photography, headshots, documentary or commercial work. I want to illuminate how your work makes our world a better place and celebrate the inspiring people who make it all possible. Let's collaborate to create outstanding content that will help you stand out on Social Media and the Internet. Please reach out so we can discuss your specific needs.

Please Contact Me Today if you have any questions at all about my photography services. I would be honored to photograph your family, wedding or unique event.