LoveDays Photography

images by Beth Ann Fricker

My passion for photography stems from a long life of creating images. It started at the age of 6 with my dad’s Minolta X-700 and morphed into college where I focused on landscape and journalism photography with a fine art edge. Now I am primarily a digital photographer with a huge background in film and B&W.

I love what I do. I have this amazing profession of photographing moments and telling stories through the combined voice of my clients lives and my creative eye.

But this is not about me. This is about you. This is about your story, your family, your marriage, your newborn, Your Life Experiences.

Your Stories, Your Memories, Your Legacy

This is about creating something big, something more than just digital files on a USB. I will be your personal storyteller; I will help you create meaningful photographic art that will fill your home with love and even more stories.

I have more than 20 years of photography business behind me, more than 700 weddings, and hundreds of family clients.

But you aren’t choosing me because of my experience.

You are choosing me because you dig my work and you are excited to tell your story.

And you probably want the best service your money can buy.

I am a beginning-onwards business. I believe my relationship with my clients never ends.

Over 40% of people no longer print their photos. Think about that for a second, simmer on it. We are too busy to print some of the most amazing moments in our lives. And you know what 90% of that 40% is printing crap. I mean it, they aren’t even giving that photograph the respect it deserves by having it professionally printed and hung.

I offer stunning album designs for families, events, birthdays and weddings. And I have amazing design services for your photographic wall art. We will create truly wow-factor wall art together that fits your unique home and especially your unique photography session.

Let me make this unbelievably easy for you. I know you are way too busy to do the research, make all the decisions, print the photographic artwork, and have it professionally installed. I do all of it for you and I use one of the best printers in the world, based in Germany. You will lose it when you see how amazing their Acrylic & Canvas prints are.

And our albums are incredible. I am not bragging, I am truly proud of using Renaissance Heirloom Albums and taking advantage of all the different options they have to make each piece truly a unique work of art.

I custom design each album to show the flow of our photo session and highlight the emotions and relationships that make you and your family or spouse so incredible.

I also have a great home office studio space on Cape Cod just off Exit 61 (old exit 3) in Sandwich.

I would love to meet you in person.

Let’s set up a time for you to come in, sit and chat about your photography wishes, about your family and your legacy.

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