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Albums are the perfect way to create a legacy in your home. I designed and printed an amazing one for my 3 year old daughter after our trip to Japan last year and she goes through and talks about everything we did there. It's a wonderful activity together.

Albums are an amazing way to not only remind you of your phenomenal life story but really share that story with each other and your family as life moves forward.

I use the truly stellar Renaissance Landscape (15x10") SoHo flush mount albums for weddings. These come with hand stitched leather boxes for proper storage of your album for years to come. Clone 12x8" albums can be easily ordered at discount for parents.

Renaissance 10 x 15” SoHo Album 40 pages =2150

Clone 8 x 12 SoHo” Parent Album= 1200

And I use Miller's Square Signature flush mount albums for my family clients. I also use these for Engagement Session Guest Signature Albums.

They come with a custom engraved wood box for storage. Clone 10x10" albums can be ordered at 30% less for parents and in-laws. These make amazing Holiday gifts, trust me.

Miller's Initial 12 x 12” Flush Mount Album = 1099 - with custom engraved archival wood box.

Miller's 10 x 10” Flush Mount Album = 999 - with custom engraved archival wood box.

Clone 10 x 10” Flush Mount Album =699

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