LoveDays Photography

As you know having children is a major life shift, a significant change in your journey around the globe each year as you participate in their lives.

Violet has been an incredible addition to mine and Melodie's lives to say the least. As parents we experience unbeleivable joys, frustrations, tiny achievements, unhampered emotions, and challenges to our patience daily. But the reward factor is really difficult to explain to folks without kids.

Having Violet has taken my love of child photography to a whole new level. It has made me appreciate the little moments more than I ever have before. These little moments that make up our lives and our relationships with our kids are seriously incredible. And they deserve to be photographed. I get to document Violet almost daily on her path through life and it is a true blessing.

I am going to try to keep up on the positing of photos here. Bear with me if I get a little behind in the summers when we are crazy busy at the pond, with photo work and just trying to enjoy the Cape as much as possible.