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Boston Seaport Elite Wedding Photography

Private Yacht Wedding Photography in Boston Harbor

If you are looking for a wonderful Boston Harbor Yacht wedding look no further than one of the awesome boats that City Experiences offers. The Seaport Elite is the most elegant yacht on the Boston Harbor: a sophisticated two-level private vessel complete with dining room and cocktail lounge. You can absolutely create stunning Boston Harbor Wedding Photographs during your ceremony or reception on one of their amazing boats. The Seaport Elite can sit up to 75 and hold buffet style weddings for about 100. And they have a wonderful team of coordinators to work with as well.

Alina & Chris’s Seaport Elite Yacht wedding reception was wonderful on the Boston Harbor, even for a fall wedding. They got married in Marlboro at her family church and travelled to Boston for their Boston Harbor Yacht wedding reception on the water. We used the top deck of the boat for a killer Boston Harbor Wedding Portrait in addition to heading over to the ICA for some portraits after they departed from the Boat.

I have always wanted to use the backside of the Institute of Contemporary Art / Boston to create some dramatic Boston Harbor Wedding Portraits and this evening was fantastic.

Alina’s dress and the suit on Chris were perfect for using the rear stairs of the ICA Boston to make a killer ICA Wedding Portrait. We also used one of the glass walls to make a reflection portrait.

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Meghan Simmons - coordinator